How Does The Spa Sonic Compare to Clarisonic?

by Kelly on July 10, 2013

Spa Sonic

The Spa Sonic System provides a skin cleansing system designed to be similar to the Clarisonic range of products. The system includes the main device, small facial and large facial brushes, a facial buffer and pumice stone. The device is water proof allowing use in the bathtub or shower.
The Spa Sonic can be used with your usual facial or body cleanser as part of your daily beauty regime. The device provides a rotating action using the different heads to provide an exfoliation effect on the face or body. The soft bristles provide a delicate action which is safe to use frequently.

What Are The Differences?

Many reviews will automatically compare the Spa Sonic with the Clarisonic range. However, there are a number of major differences.

•    The Spa Sonic is limited to having no adjustable speed settings, whereas the Clarisonic range has at least two.
•    The Spa Sonic is powered by batteries which are supplied with the kit. The Clarisonic range is mains rechargeable.
•    The Clarisonic is limited to one head, although alternative heads can be purchased separately for most models. The Spa Sonic has a variety of heads, including a pumice stone attachment for use on the feet.
•    The Spa Sonic is limited to circular motions, while the Clarisonic has a more complex movement pattern with an inbuilt safety setting to prevent leaving the brush on one area of the skin for longer than necessary.
•    The price is the most noticeable difference, with the Spa Sonic being a fraction of the price of even basic Clarisonic models.

spasonicTo provide a more unbiased review, the Spa Sonic should be considered in its own right. It is obviously cheaper than the Clarisonic, so is going to be less high tech and sophisticated. However, it does have a number of advantages as a full skin cleansing system. The pumice stone attachment provides an excellent way to care for hard skin areas on the feet and the heads are so easy to interchange, it is simple to use multiple heads whilst bathing.

Can It Be Used On The Body?

Replacement heads are available for the device but at a very reasonable price. The device is simple and easy to use, providing a great exfoliating effect to remove dead skin cells and debris to provide a fresher healthier looking skin on the face or body. The interchangeable heads allow for all areas of the body to receive an exfoliation treatment which can minimize breakouts on problem areas of the body.

Regular exfoliation will also allow a more effective use of other beauty products such as lotions and serums, since they will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin. This can produce more dramatic results of skin care products, allowing you to enjoy their benefits further.

The Spa Sonic provides a seven piece skin care system which allows you to keep your skin beautifully exfoliated, reducing the need for costly professional skin care treatments. It is more comprehensive and competitively priced than many of the alternative skin care systems. It is convenient and simple to use, encouraging regular and continued use. The sleek design ensures that it is easy to exfoliate even harder to reach areas without worrying about power cords. It is also of a lighter weight than many comparable rechargeable models.

Can It Be Used on All Skin Types?

You can pamper you face and body and achieve smoother healthy looking skin quickly and easily. It is safe to use on all types and tones of skin, it has also been recommended by dermatologists for achieving professional exfoliation effects.

What Results Can I Expect?

spasonicbeforeandafterRegular use can reduce the size of pores, diminish dark spots or fine lines and produce younger smoother looking skin. The cleansing system can remove oil, dirt and makeup which can be responsible for causing skin blotches and breakouts.  The quality and softness of the brushes ensures that even more sensitive skin is not irritated. The Spa Sonic has been fully tested by an independent lab to assess the results achieved by using the system. They documented similar results and function as the Clarisonic product range.

If you are looking for a skin care system to promote a regular exfoliating beauty regime, then the Spa Sonic could be just what you have been seeking. It is easy to handle and use and can provide a noticeable improvement to skin texture and appearance in a short time. The speed setting has been optimized to provide a gentle yet effective deep cleanse for the skin to promote a naturally healthy glow.

If you are fed up with spending hundreds of dollars on beauty treatments and skin care products, only to be disappointed with the results, then the Spa Sonic could be just right for you. Regardless of your skin tone or type, regular use will make your favorite skin care products more effective and promote younger, smoother skin as the foundation of your new beauty regime. Whilst I think a lot of the Clarisonic skin care system, I think this is a wonderful and cheaper alternative!

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